1 October 2023

ATA fighters team had a great weekend in Sheffield. Almost everyone went back home with something. Most importantly, all of our fighters have given their best in the ring and outside.

Breakdown of the results:

Abdallah (Seniors) - Silver, Abdallah (Juniors) - Bronze, Abraham - Bronze, Ahmyiah - Gold, Anthony - Silver, Izsiah - Silver, JoJo- Bronze, Joshua - Silver, Paige - Bronze, Rayvoughn - Bronze, Salah - Gold, Salma - Bronze, Skye - Gold, Umaymah - Gold.

Congratulations to all, especially to Nationals novices - Anthony & Joshua!

One of our fighters summarised the experience " (...) everybody develops at different time, you might not have realised that you are improving, but trust me you are". 

Thank you very much to Coaches and everyone that came to support our fighters.

Hard Work and Dedication!

Master Allen

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