17 ATA fighters competed at the Whiston TKD event in Liverpool with a smashing results of 11 Gold and 10 Silver medals.

We are extremely proud of all our fighters and congratulate them on their hard work and dedication.

It was fantastic to see how all of the children support each other and passionately cheer each other on.

It was amazing to see how first- and second-timers were mentored by their more experienced team mates.


Abdallah - Silver; Adam - Silver; Ahmyiah - Gold; Elijah - Gold; Enis - Silver; Heath - Gold/Silver;  Izsiah - Gold; Jojo - Gold; Kajus - Silver; Ken - Gold; Kuba - Gold;  Paige - Silver;  Rayan - Gold; Reuben - Silver; Skye - Gold/ Silver; Yanis - Silver; Yousef - 2x Gold/Silver.

Congratulations everyone!

A huge thank you to the parents and grandparents that continue to support our club!

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